The aim of the NCUK EAP module is to provide students with the English language and academic skills required by UK university programmes. It includes exam skills, receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive tasks such as writing essays, participating in seminars and giving presentations.


This module ensures that students have a solid grounding in many aspects of business studies and feel confident in commencing the study of business-related courses at undergraduate level. The course develops an understanding of marketing, accounting and finance, and human resource management, also of the environment in which UK businesses operate. Operations management is not included.


This module provides an introduction to the basic economic concepts and principles. Reference is mainly to the UK experience in preparation for studying with British students at university. The first semester will deal with “micro” economic issues and the second semester will deal with “macro” economic issues:


The overall aim of this module is to ensure that students have a solid grounding in many aspects of the study of society and politics and feel confident in undertaking undergraduate studies in this field. The module is based mainly on sociology, and also includes an introduction to politics, globalisation, and social science research methods.