First Day

When students arrive at Malvern House on their first day, they will be given an induction to the school and to the local area. Part of this induction is an introduction to the E-reception, a personalised data management service available to all students. The E-reception allows you to access course information such as attendance levels and progress reports as well as request important documents such as official letters, all with a personalised log in. If the student is over 18 years old they can allow the parents, the sponsors or the agent to access their details. If a student is under 18 years old the parent can have immediate access without permission.The e-reception can also be accessed by mobile telephone or tablet.


The course is an intensive programme of study where students receive 28 teaching hours per week through a variety of different formats including lectures, seminars and tutorials. Designed by all 11 NCUK universities, the programme includes English for academic purposes as well as subject focused modules such as Economics, Business studies or Society & Politics depending on the stream students select. Self study, coursework and assignments will bring the total work load for students up to around 45 hours per week, meaning they will benefit from being well prepared for the rigours of a degree course by the end of the International Foundation Year.


Continuous assessment will take place throughout the IFY programme which allows both students and teachers to track improvement regularly. This form of assessment also allows us to tailor the course and add extra support and guidance when needed which ultimately leads to giving the student more opportunities to improve both the subject based modules and their English language level.

Academic progress reviews will take place monthly and are an opportunity for students to discuss their programme, raise any questions that they have, and review any coursework or assessments that have been taken.

As well as immersing students in the academic style of Britain, we want to help them to integrate fully in British society. We will do this through our British Culture Seminars, which will give the opportunity to learn more about everyday life in the UK including topics such as politics, modern culture, music and sport.

This will also be assisted by our school social programme which runs the whole year round, incorporating fun and educational activities with London’s many tourist attractions. It is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with students from across the globe and to experience London’s rich and diverse culture.

Our ongoing university placement counselling allows you to fine tune your university application. By combining the information from your progress reports, continuous assessment and your own aspirations, we are able to give you advice and assistance in making the right choice when it comes to deciding what and where to study.

Online Academy

Students will also have access to the Malvern House Online Academy. The online academy is a cloud service where students can download their lessons on to their mobile phones, tablets or computers, and review the teacher’s notes and corrections to ensure they have every possibility to recall their whole lesson. In addition students are given access to a library of study materials covering all skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as audio tours and video content.

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support is provided throughout the student’s time at Malvern House London ensuring that they are enjoying both their course and the experience of living in London. We understand that living in London is a big cultural change for all of our students, and we want to help make the translation to life in Britain as smooth as possible.

Partner Universities

At the end of the course students will sit their final assessment which, all being well, will lead to the student passing the International Foundation Year and continuing on to a guaranteed place at one of the eleven Universities that make up NCUK:





Leeds Metropolitan


Liverpool John Moores


Manchester Metropolitan



Sheffield Hallam