What is an International Foundation Year ( IFY)?

  • Course to prepare international students for first-year entry to an undergraduate degree course in a Western, English language medium university.
  • NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level 3. (Same level as A levels).
  • Aims to improve level of English to enable students to communicate and study effectively and to develop study skills and subject knowledge necessary for their degree.
  • Immerses students in the study methods used for learning development and assessment in the UK, which may be very different from that of their home countries.
  • Prepares students for life in the UK through familiarisation with British Culture and acts as a ‘bridge’ between school in home country and university.
  • Helps students to select and gain access to UK universities.

Structure of the Malvern House NCUK IFY Programme

  • Choice of 2 ‘streams’: Business or Humanities
  • Both lead to degrees in a wide variety of subjects, but Business stream includes maths
  • Humanities degrees eg Business Studies; HR Management; Digital Media etc
  • Business degrees eg Accounting ; Business Management; IT and Management etc
  • Course covers 2 semesters over 3 terms:
    • Term 1 = 9th Nov – 24th Dec 2015
    • Term 2 = 4th Jan – 18th Mar 2016
    • Term 3 = 29th Mar – 17th June 2016
  • Each week = 28 teaching hours per week (teaching hour = 50 minutes)
  • Course composition = 7 hours of English for Academic Purposes per week (all students), plus 3 X modules of 7 hours each
  • Class size 15 max for EAP, 18 for subject modules
  • Business modules = Economics; Maths (compulsory); Business studies OR Society and Politics
  • Humanities modules = Economics; Society and Politics; Business Studies
  • In addition to classes, students will complete coursework, assignments and private study to a total workload for students of up to 45 hours per week
  • Students will receive regular pastoral care tutorials throughout the course
  • Lessons delivered in a variety of formats: lecture, seminar, tutorial

Sample timetable – International Foundation Year

sample timetable IFY-01

Benefits of NCUK Programme

  • Guaranteed entry to a UK university on successful completion of the IFY programme
  • Choice of 11 universities (all in the North of England) to choose from, with almost 3,000 degree programmes
  • Range of universities includes Russell Group – Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool – and less competitive ones (eg Bradford, Huddersfield, Salford) with lower grades required
  • North of England generally less popular than London with international students, BUT trend is changing as accommodation prices and cost of living are much cheaper in the North
  • Also aids entry to partner universities eg Queen Mary (London) and is widely recognised by universities all over the world. Graduates have gained entry to Cambridge and LSE etc
  • Programme developed by all 11 founder universities. It is very sound academically and provides excellent preparation for the rigours of a degree course
  • Students do not need IELTS in addition to this
  • Excellent reputation worldwide